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The Team

  • John Carter

Hey, we’re Oh, Eternity from Elmira, NY and we have a vision to make God honoring music that is real and powerful. Paul the Apostle said in 2nd Corinthians that God releases his fragrance through us. We want to take that fragrance to the darkest places by creating fantastic music that everyone can enjoy and touring the nations. The music system today promotes death and destruction. We want to promote the abundant life and victory given to us through the Gospel by being a tangible, healthy display of Jesus. By creating music that can connect with anyone, we can be Jesus in clubs, rock venues, and on stages around the world. We have already seen people saved, healed, and delivered at our shows during our first year as a band, but now we need your help taking this to the world! Would you consider donating today? It would really be great if you could share our fundraiser too. Every like and share helps us spread the word.


About the Band


Oh, Eternity has gone through many changes throughout the past 5 years of their existence. What started as an acoustic two piece has turned into a four man band with many different influences ranging from metal, punk, rock, alternative, jazz, and ambient/ethereal sounds. The band has a unique sound that is not only attractive to the listener but also makes them think.

As a new year begins so does a new phase for the band in 2017-18. The band was formerly known as a worship band that played mainly churches, festivals, and youth events but has now made the decision to expand to a broader audience to impact others. Their writing is inspired by life, faith, experiences, and the journey of each band member. While being raw and honest in their lyrics and music they are able to portray life and hope to a world that is searching for more.

Our mission


There are a few main ways we are called to make an impact. We believe that God is truly the only thing that changes people from the inside out.  More than anything, at our events and in our encounters we want the Holy Spirit to be released. As we play, the tangible power of the Holy Spirit is released, creating an atmosphere of encounter with the Living God. Rather than verbally presenting a message on stage, we want to be the message by being transparent, available friends to those who are longing for a deeper connection with Jesus. Instead of living the rockstar life of self destruction, we want to display healthy lives in every way (family, finances, emotional and physical wellness, etc.). We want to direct our God given influence away from ourselves, and back to Jesus. We want the Kingdom to be demonstrated with power.

We as a band want to write and play music that ultimately reaches people and brings joy and hope. There’s nothing we love more than rocking out with people at events, hanging out afterwards with them hearing their stories and getting to share the gospel and love of Jesus with them. We our musicians but we are also called to be ministers. We have seen that through playing music it has given us a great opportunity to connect with people and build meaningful relationships.

How we will use your donation


We are in the midst of a new renaissance. In order to see this take place, we need generous saints to become the new patrons. This is why we are unbelievably excited to be partnered with New Vine Media! New Vine Media is a non-profit that seeks to empower artists like us to make a difference. Rather than be told by the music business what to consume, we have the power to commission great works of art for God's glory. If you have ever found yourself saying "I wish there was more excellent, God honoring music out there," then now is the time to give towards that!  We can't do this without you! We are believing God for $10,000. This will cover the cost of equipment, as well as costs associated with recording. Just like a mission trip, we also need the means to travel the world with our families and demonstrate the kingdom. This is a grassroots movement. Together, we can make a difference!


Fortunately, New Vine Records has been able to cover the cost of our recording, which has been a huge blessing to us, but we are still needing funds to cover other costs.


Here is our budget:


Studio and recording

PIF ($15k Value)

Gear and equipment


Travel and expenses for 10 tour dates




There are three main ways you can partner with us:


1: Give financially. Every bit helps. Every bit contributes to transformed lives. (INSERT WAYGIVER INFO HERE)

2: Help us spread the word by sharing this campaign daily with your circles!

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3: Most importantly, we appreciate all prayer on our behalf! Without Him, we can do nothing.

About New Vine Records

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