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The Christian minority in India the most persecuted Christian group in the world and sadly they have been greatly affected by the covid-19 many have lost their job humanitarian aid scarly read the Christians who are suffering severely from starvation .Your help in needed to rise fund in support of "New creation Ministries" which is exists to share the message of christ's love with the people of India new creation Ministries was started 10 year ago bada pastor Arjun and taken responsibility of the providing food, cloth ,and education for 20 villages started Sunday class Sunday church youth meeting women's meeting and regularly organising out reach to take the gospel for those people are not believing in Christ 14 offer the monthly food distribution program for family in need you can help new creattion ministry change your life your small $25 donation I will change one a soul for Christ.

Our goal

1-  establish small industry for unemployed people and we need  lot of machine and training that can self supported and support other Christian 

2-  church building in every villages

3- school building for give better education and youth care center

4- Orphanage's building for orphan children care center 

5 - Training center building for Evangelism training that train evangelist to out reach 

Please pray for our ministry and we are hoping people blessed by your prayers support and financial support,shere your nearest and dearest

Thank You .    God bless you.

New Creation Ministries