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As the end of the school year approaches, so do some wonderful summer ministry opportunities at City Life. Summer is always a great time to build relationships with kids as we have more time with them. This summer, City Life staff and volunteers will be spending time with kids with the purpose of sharing the Gospel through authentic relationships.

 Our summer will be packed with trips and events all designed with the purpose of reaching kids. Some of our summer events include a high school trip to Wild Wood, New Jersey, a week long middle school camp in New Hampshire, as well as different weekly activities in Schenectady and the surrounding area. Through these experiences we will be sharing with kids the life changing hope of Jesus Christ.

As this summer approaches we are beginning a campaign to help us raise the money needed to do these summer activities. We as a team are so excited to present the Summer Launch Campaign. City Life’s goal is to raise $5,000 towards these activities. This will help cover the cost of programing, staffing and scholarships.


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