WayGiver for Churches

WayGiver for Churches

Christian Crowdfunding for Churches


Almost all local churches have a mission statement that includes impacting their congregation, community, and the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The question we all face is, "How?"


WayGiver Christian Crowdfunding is a tool for the Church to help people in need of financial support and prayer. Whether it's for a local teenager to go on a mission trip or to help a family in the community that just lost their house in a fire, WayGiver gives Christians a resource to bless others in a very real and positive way. It's kind of like passing the offering plate on steroids because you can reach far beyond the four walls of the church and involve your entire community.


Special Features for Churches

  • Branded fundraisers — fundraiser pages with your church logo and info on the header
  • Tax deductible fundraisers
  • Team fundraisers
  • Easy to link to your website
  • Fundraisers are approved before being published
  • Comments are moderated
  • Church-sponsored fundraisers can be managed by staff or lay people
  • Support and coaching from the WayGiver team


Are you a pastor, leader, or layperson in your church interested in learning more about how WayGiver Christian Crowdfunding can make an impact on your community? Contact us and we'll show you how.




WayGiver - Be a blessing!