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The Team

  • Marek

Let us introduce you our aspiration to build a evangelical mass media with main focus on families in Central Europe conditions. We want to fully use our 15 years of experience to create a Fly Fish media - a Christian-centered media of different kind (TV, radio, print, events).

At the moment, media in Central Europe are mostly dark. There is a absence of media with Christian and family values. We want to bring a broadcast with a clear Christian message, positivity, values and encouragement.

Our own programs will focus on topics related to all areas of life, pro family (marriage, parenting, upbringing of children) marginally for other ages as well. In the first phase, the distribution of media will be on the Internet (website, social networks), when in the second phase, broadcast will be extended to cable and satellite.

We believe and pray that these media will bring many good fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven.

We are very grateful for each donor that decides to support this project and thus bring Christian values and media evangelism into post-communist Central Europe. God bless you very much with all heavenly blessings in Jesus Christ.