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Ordinary people

Exceptional testimonies

Exceptional God


We will introduce personalities who, through their personal stories from their own lives - testimonies, will help show of who God really is - a good, loving, merciful, providing God. Personal testimony of people of different ages, gender and social status. 


Famous well-known and unknown people, athletes, artists, businessmen, politicians, spiritual leaders and ordinary people from the present and past. 

From the location of Central Europe. 

With various forms of presentation, video productions, articles, photo events, and various distribution channels - internet, media, print, event. 


Through this project, we will bring personal testimonies, a basic knowledge of God and His word, life values, basic biblical truth about Jesus Christ, salvation, and eternal life, or the perdition. We will try to realize as many outputs as possible and distribute them as much as possible to the people. We pray that it will bring a lot of good fruit for the Kingdom of Heaven. We are very grateful for each donor that decides to support this project and thus bring Christian values and media evangelism into post-communist Central Europe. God bless you very much with all heavenly blessings in Jesus Christ.