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The Team

  • Gerald Enright


My name is Gerald and I am the founder of EvangEnglish: The Christian English Language Learning Community.
I am an English language teacher and I was researching the role of Christianity and English language learning. I saw that it was fairly common in the missions field but there was no commercial or business as mission venture yet in this space and I felt God calling me to start one.
When it goes live by the end of the year, EvangEnglish will be a marketplace platform where teachers and students connect and host live on-line classes. EvangEnglish will receive a commission on the lessons and teachers can create their own profile, courses and rate of pay to attract the students.
I will be targeting members of the Christian English Language Educators Association to get started: http://www.celea.net/about-us.html. My mission and aims are similar to theirs.
I have contacted https://www.literacyevangelism.org/ and will be donating 10% of all profits to them.
I have also contacted https://www.christiantefl.org/ and hope they will provide the training for unqualified teachers who want to use the platform.
Here are a couple of articles which will help you understand the need:
I have also contacted http://globalmediaoutreach.com/about because I want the users of my site to not only receive good quality English language training but also to be exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. As the students come from all over the world to EvangEnglosh, they will have someone who can explain the gospel to them and disciple them.
I hope the above information gives you an understanding of what I am trying to achieve with EvangEnglish and I invite you prayerfully to partner with me in this project for the Kingdom of God.