6th Day Living Ministry

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The Team

  • Wayne Winter

Sixth Day Living Ministry


This Ministry's anointing and purpose is to bring the reality of Jesus Christ - the Truth of this World to people in todays times. To Bless and anoint people with a hunger and desire for God's word for themselves and thier lives.

John: In the beginning was the Word, the Word was God, the Word is God, Jesus Christ was the word manifest in the flesh

1. I would like to republish/self publish "Living in the Times of Noah in the Sixth Day of Creation".

2. To continue with the messages on the 6th day living ministry channel on YouTube.

3. To have an opportunity to move into full-time ministry.

4. I ask you prayerfully seek Jesus concerning sowing into this ministry.

I am 52...married 20 years father of 3 boys. I currently work fulltime at same job last 20 years plus I do mudding and taping on the side. My wife also works full-time. 

I don't want to be anymore than God want's me to be...but I don't want to be anyless either. I don't want to be the servant who took the Gold and buried it in the field.

This is my act of faith and obedience as to moving into what I believe God has for me.