Children's Christmas Story

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  • Jonathan Thomas

I have written an original children's Christmas story that follows a young boy who doesn't understand the meaning of Christmas.  Junior thinks the season is all about receiving presents, but on the night of Christmas Eve, something "miraculous" happens and the nativity on the fireplace mantle comes to life!  He watches the events of the first Christmas unfold as portrayed by the shepherds, the angels, the magi, and of course, Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.  Come Christmas morning, Junior's perspective has changed completely and his parents even help him say the prayer of salvation.

With the story complete, what I really need now are illustrations.  I have already talked with multiple illustrators and figured out that the 26 pictures for the entire book will cost about $2,000.  And, an e-book edition may even be complete before this Christmas!

That is where you come in.  I would greatly appreciate any assistance in raising this sum so that many children, saved or yet to be saved, will be able to read and see the gospel.

Let us together share the true meaning of Christmas!


Gayle Yee