NEW Mountain Bike Camp @ Wesley Woods of NW PA

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  • Keith Martin

Wesley Woods of NW Pa. has made the decision to eliminate their longstanding equestrian program, and move the camp in a new direction. More information on the new camp programs, as well as information on how to donate directly to the camp, can be found on the website.

The chapel at Tidioute Creek (ctc) has been invited to spearhead the transorfmation of the horse trails into legitimate mountain bike trails. A ctc trail team has been on the property building MTB specific trails in the past. They have already logged hundreds of volunteer hours working to bring mountain biking to Wesley Woods. This new transformation is going to be a very large burden that will fall on the shoulders of just a few people. The paid camp staff will need to focus on other changes at the faciity, which include a new fine arts program as well as new sports fields for NCAA level instruction. That means that we mountain bikers will have to do what we do best, and that is rally together to get stuff done.

Ride to Recovery, out of Batavia New York, has generously donated an initial fleet of bikes for ctc to use at the camp. We are going to need donations, however, so that our volunteer mechanics can refurbish the bikes as needed, so they are safe and ready for the kids next summer.

Our volunteer trail crew is also in need of new equipment as well as funds to rent heavier equipment, for the trail conversions that NEED to happen by May 2019. We would also like to offset the cost of the BICP training that our volunteer instructors will need to take this spring.

Additionally, we are in hopes of providing jerseys for all of the kids that complete the week long program, institute advanced camps for future programming AND help fund the Wesley Woods scholorship program, which provides funds for needy kids to attend any program of thier choice at Wesley Woods. (Donations to the scholarship fund can also be made directly to Wesley Woods.)


Please consider helping us with this monumental project. We know that not everyone can show up and swing a McLeod alongside us, but your donation can really help enhance the sweat equity that is going into providing mountain bike opportunities to the next generation. 


Coralee Wenzel