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  • Susan Beck

My beautiful friend Cheri needs help. She is raising two teenage grandchildren, and is a faithful prayer warrior for others. She never asks anything for herself, except prayer. And she gives prayer and encouragement to others so generously. 

Now Cheri and her grandkids are displaced people. They were evacuated during the Camp Fire when it destroyed Paradise, CA. They don't even know if their home is still standing. Their dog did survive, was rescued, and is being cared for at an animal shelter, but they are not allowed to visit. Cheri is exhausted and has come down with pnuemonia. 

After staying at a relative's crowded one-bedroom apartment with other evacuees, sleeping on the floor for several days, they were forced to find other shelter. Thank God, He opened a spot for them at a shelter where they are sleeping on cots! Life is tough, though. The family right next to them has a child with the Norvovirus, even though that child is quarrantined. And even locating the laundry facility at the shelter has proven frustrating. 

We can ask ourselves, as we sit in our warm homes, surrounded by our pets, sitting on our comfortable furniture, in clean clothes, how would it feel to be forced from our homes with only the clothes on our backs, sleeping at a shelter, and we get pnuemonia?  

Please help me help Cheri get into an apartment or something similar until the insurance adjusters can get on site, make their determinations, and she can get relief. She has been informed there is no guarantee when they can get in to do this. Please if you can give only $10 or $15 each, think what we could accomplish together for this Dear Christian Lady.

Thank you! Blessings!

Susan Beck

Update #3

Thank you to those who have given!!! And thank you to those who have prayed!! Here is an update from Cheri.

"Please pray for me. I am weary and discouraged after being displaced with my 2 grandchildren for 26 days due to the Camp Fire. 

I do know God is in control, that He loves me, and that He is always faithful. He knows the particulars. Please just pray. 

Thank you! GBY"


Update #2

The male roommate mentioned in the last update is actually the homeowner where the generous young woman was apparently renting a room. He is a very kind elderly widower, who has allowed Cheri and her grandkids to stay beyond the planned time. God is so very GOOOOD. 

Looks like Cheri's home is STANDING!!! Unsure of smoke damage or toxins. Going in to the property is a long and physically difficult venture, as you can imagine, with all the devastation and debris. The Insurance Adjuster has not made it to the property as yet. And snow and ice have begun. 

So while Cheri's home was not destroyed, she is still displaced until an undetermined time. 

Please PRAY for Cheri and her grandkids. And please GIVE a little if you possibly can. 

Once Cheri does get back in to her home ... her winter's supply of heating fuel (wood) must be replaced as it was completely ruined. So she has unexpected costs as you can imagine with a prolonged evacuation of this magnitude, plus replacing her winter's wood supply if and when she does get to go home. 

Thank you!!!








Update #1

Update from Cheri in her own words:

A young woman from CC Chico who doesn't even know me, (just met me in the bathroom after church), offered us her room for a week while she is out of town. She and her daughter have a male roommate who was in agreement with me staying there, so we have a safe warm place with real beds for the kids and indoor showers and a kitchen to use and everything until Saturday when she returns! Thank You Jesus! 

Please pray He will provide a safe place for me and the kids from Saturday until Dec 9th when my insurance provided local motel room kicks in for 14 days. Thank you for praying!


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