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  • Pantelis Adamopoulos

Hello everybody!

We are raising money for a unique bible trivia card game.

A card game and an interactive app will be available in 3 levels, educating and entertaining from 6 up to the age of 96.

Each card has a question from the bible with 3 possible answers and only one is the right answer. Whoever answers the most correctly gains more points. Not all questions curry the same weight so some are easier and have lees points to dain and some are more difficult and more points to gain if you answer correctly!

One player can get help from another player online sharing the winning points and saving the boat. One boat can call another boat for help when full and then they can go to the higher level.

Donations will go towards creating the app and printing the game, for trade mark and marketing.

The winner of all levels according to score can claim the actual card game, with a discount, or completely free if scores high!

Please share with friends and we have more projects to come !

Pantelis, Menia, Aggelos, Eleftheria, Charis ... :)


Pantelis Adamopoulos