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We have 3 days to move and secure a new place please help! 
Hello, We need your help, and I wanted to start by saying thank you for reading our post!  

We have to move out of the current location by 5/30 and into the new location by 6/1. 

My husband, and I both work full time and side jobs, but recently ran into some financial hardships after we both lost some time from work due to illness and had some vehicle recalls that affected my husbands income until the recalled part could be manufactured and replaced (which it finally was) since he is a rideshare driver. But that caused a domino effected into multiple areas.  

One resulted in us having to move and find a less expensive place to live closer to my husband's father in hospice. 

The place we are living now an apartment needs us to vacate as soon as possible since they already have another tenant lined up.  

The good news is that we were able to find a new place, not far from my father in law, but the time frame to come up with the funds for rent, moving truck and deposit is where we need your help.  

The Rent, security/pet deposit, and moving truck expenses will be at least $3000.00. 
More details are available upon request.  

We are praying for a miracle. God bless you and thank you for anything you can do to help us even if just a prayer of support!
PS) The loan we had lined up to help us cover the expenses fell apart. The location we are looking to relocate to is where the Lord has asked us to go.