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The Team

  • Christin Ward

My name is Christin Ward, My husband (B.J. Ward) and I have partnered with the Bethlehem Jesus Christ Ministries Regd. In Pakistan with Bishop Sadfar Marqus, Santosh Marqus, and Wirda Marqus in hopes to help raise money to help those in need. Many of the children in their area are in a local orphanage or in slavery working in the brick kilns. They need help with buying school bags for those children. Each bag costs roughly $5. They will also help with buying Christmas presents for the children of the orphanage, the children born into slavery and the widows. Their goal at Bethlehem Jesus Christ Ministries is to save the orphanage, help the needy, and feed the hungry! To be the hands and feet of Christ in a place where Christianity is only about 1% of the population. To spread the Word of God throughout their land. If you are able to donate please do! If you are not please pray! They need many prayers! Thank you and God bless! 


From Brother Santosh Marqus

I would like to share a special matter for the coming Christmas event in the past we have been serving to the down trodden Christians with your support and was a great blessing for all of us and we shared our blessing to the neediest one. We are thinking what will be happen this time because am sure they will be waiting anxiously for our team.
As you know that we celebrate Christmas with the all poor needy children are under our ministry area’s and also distributes gifts
(Clothes) among the women and widows, and we feed and provide grocery to the other needy families at the Christmas time I think you know very well how we celebrate every time. Just think over Most of the Christian around them will be celebrating Christmas time with all the joy wearing new clothes having nice food in their plates. And all the happy moments around and when these kids will watch they and we will not reach to them and no gifts what will be their feeling just focus this .can we realize their time in our hearts.
These people and children living in slavery of non Christians owners of clay bricks kilns. They are homeless Christians families. We want share our happiness with them at Christmas.
Therefore we sympathetically over view all this coming event by fill with love and mercy to provide them that only can possible your brotherly generous support.
So we definitely want to distribute gift packs, grocery, Toys and food boxes for poor needy and orphan children, clothes and food grocery poor needy women and widows and poor needy families, clothes gifts for our Pastoral team in Christmas season for the Christmas day. So please you share your love and great help as Christmas gifts for them.