Father's Garden House of Prayer

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The Team

  • Leona Bergenn

#We need a building that we can carry all the following ministries to serve our Lord Jesus Christ

# Purpose of ministry

We long to see every person's life restored through Jesus Christ and to blossom in the kingdom of God ( our Father's garden.)


*We long to see that the first beauty that God created in human beings will be continuously restored through Jesus and the Holy Spirit until Jesus returns.

  1. Our goal is to restore the role of Sonship, brides and messengers to accomplish the Great Commission. 


# About our ministry:

  1.  Father's Garden Prayer center for all people


  1. To provide and cultivate an atmosphere with God's presence for all people to meet Jesus, be touched by the love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. To intercede for God's kingdom and people from all nations.
  3. A place to be renewed, restored and revived by the love and power of the God of Trinity.


  1. Individual visit or appointment: We will provide individual counseling and prayer ministry according to your specific spiritual needs by appointment.
  2. Youth and family ministry 3
  3. Group fellowship´╝ÜCelebration Recovery fellowship
  4. Teaching and Equipping ministry:

To restore the identity and equip God's children into God's purpose

(Leader Training Center)


  1. Outreach ministry: 

Shine Enrichment Program (Weekday 3-6pm)

Potential College ministry: Wheaton College, Stonehill College, Brown, Rhode Island Design College.

Mission trips