Educative Bible app for children

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The Team

  • Jo Ng

Educative Scripture App for children

What is the app? 
The app is going to be an application to fully equip children with knowledge about God’s Word. Incorporating stories, puzzles, games, assignments, geography, history and more. Imagine it being a bible school but attending it from home without any obligations. Using the app, in an interactive way, will also enable children to make new friends locally and worldwide. Study God’s Word thoroughly by partaking in social gameplay, reading scripture, learning about biblical history and geography, daily scriptural exercises, and other fun activities! We believe that this will be enlighting to the younger generations. 

What have we done so far?
Besides creating a crowdfunding account ... We have contacted a national app-developing-company here in The Netherlands. They will take us through every step in order to finish a final product which will be perfected into detail to meet up to your expectations. 

As we speak we are acquiring questions and answers from God's Word which we will use to create quizzes, games, puzzles, phrases, daily devotions, bible studies, etc.

What are we going to do next?
Having a large team of brothers and sisters, to make sure every detail of scripture is incorporated into the app, is crucial. Therefore, we will be looking locally and nationally for aid through lectures and by working together with churches and organizations. 

We will be looking for (a) graphic designer(s) to help us with conveying information through the use of photos and art which we can use to spread the word of our exciting project.

Scheduling a meeting with the app developers to commence the development of the application.

The money raised will be used to develop a fully working app with numerous amounts of options. People will be able to sign up for a membership that they can access 24/7.

The options provided such as Android,IOS, web,tablet, payments and all the above mentioned (application options, games, etc.) will be included.

With your help, we can make it possible to raise the money to create a satisfying application that will be accessible from anywhere in the world. 

We are thankful for every donation no matter the amount. We believe that God will provide us with people that see the necessity of biblical education for children, every single day.

Updates on any progression will be listed and donators will be informed.

*people in the picture are my mother and three of my children.