Mission Trip for Alexandra and Samuel

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The Team

  • Denise Kobold

Hey Guys! 

I've got a very good friend called Alexandra, she went on a mission trip to Namibia, where she also found her husband. He came from Romania and she from Austria. They both live in Romania now, also leading a youth group from a Church. 

Their biggest dream is to go back to Namibia. Its a base in the Kalahari Dessert, full od God loving people. She was a teacher and he was building houses. Not only the place is from big value for them, they left their heart at this place. Alexandra and Samuel would love to live there for some time. The Base isn't charching them much, since they are working for their living, but it is still up with flights, visas and some materials for the school. 

I am a friend, called Denise, and I just want to try to get them nearer to their dream and I would be glad for you to help me with that and supporting them. 

Thank you in advance