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  • Matt Tiki Leslie
If you know me, care about me, love me or have been impacted by me in positive ways, This is something you need to read!
This has taken alot of vulnerability to share.
My birthday is in 3 days, Jan 27th.
I've been struggling with depression pretty heavily in the past two years. Contemplating thoughts of suicide, outlashing towards people I once called friends. My life has been a significant challenge, but I'm hopeful!
I've been recovering from my depression and sought medical assistance to explore why I've had seizures in my life, why i've been depressed and understand my body better.After having my first MRI, I found out and discovered why.
I've been going through the works to try and explore the best routes for treatment, but it hasn't been an easy road.I've been homeless, sleeping in my van in the peak of winter, cold, wet (van has a leak), and scheduling appointments, all while trying to run a Leggings company and take care of my mental health.
It HAS been a Challenge.
But I refuse to give up.
Until this happened.....
About 2 months ago, I was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. A 5.22mm Tumor in the left side of my brain. Not bad for a christmas present right?
I'm currently exploring options for treatment, obtaining an official biopsy if possible and looking into surgery for removing it. I dont know if its benign or not, but thats what I want to find out.
All of this is a bit overwhelming for me. My mind, My health, and My home areall falling apart.
Most recently my Van (home), has finally kicked the bucket. It has lasted me a year thanks to my friends and family here on facebook who helped me purchase it!
This is my home, my life, my work. Without it, im stranded, depressed, and alone.
With my head held low, I humbly ask for your assistance. I need your help, I need my friends, I need love and support during this critical time.This Fundraiser is for those who wish to help, but can't due to distance or other reasons. This fundraiser is for those who care to show their love for me with financial support.
Please, if you can give, anything, it will help.
All funds donated will go towards renting a home for me to start my treatment and a used vehicle to get me to my appointments and run my business. I need to be grounded here in portland for these medical procedures, but my company doesn't make enough.
I can't get a home, van, or a stable job without some help, Your support will help me to relocate to Portland and take this hurdle head on as I accept my mortality and view my life in new ways.
My depression kept telling me that I was alone, I have to do this all alone, on my own.I'm hoping my friends, loved ones and anyone who has been touched by our connection will dontate to help me come out from this hole i've fallen into and trust that I am supported, loved and I am not alone.
For those who would like to donate, but NOT through waygiver.
Here are the means for that to happen.
Paypal: info@livingleggings.com
Venmo: @matthew-leslie-2
Cashapp: $TheTikster
Thank you, I love you.I am Grateful to be alive.