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The Team

  • Rob Jeffreys

So what’s this all about? It’s about God, plain and simple. I was lost before I found Him. It was through Him that I was brought to the East Midlands, and I am glad to be here; we have a strong community of faithful in our little town, but sadly there are many who are not able to hear His word in His house. Moved by the love God has to share with us, I hope to be able to remedy this by creating a space in which those who cannot attend services at our church, may still share in the wisdom of His words.

It is my hope to be able to hire a small team of dedicated, faithful individuals to create a space online, in which our Vicar may deliver sermons by video, and live chat, and share the blessings of the Lord with our many elderly and housebound faithful. I would also like to create other sections to this website, including a forum, where we can all share in the strength and love we have found in His guidance.

Unfortunately, this won’t come cheap! There will be design costs, server costs, costs to keep the site running; eventually, we hope to be able to get by on donations, but initially, we will need your help! Your generosity will benefit so many people, and help them share the love that God has for them.