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The Team

  • Larry Mills


He said to them, 'Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation - Mark 16:15

Just before ascending to heaven, Jesus commanded all his followers,  past, present & future, to carry out 'The Great Commission', by going into all the world -  all the towns, cities and countries, to spread the good news


This also includes getting on various media, like radio, tv and social, as well as translating  the gospel into different languages.

Clearly, this is a multi-billion  dollar global project and the world christian community,  still has a very long way to go.

Every Christmas season,  non-Christian businesses and individuals make huge sums of money, selling so-called christmas goods, to christians!

According to the GCA (Greeting Card Association), every christmas, the average christmas card sales are 1.6 billion, that is billion not million. Sadly, most of the revenue generated, does not reach the christian community.,

So, this year, we want churches and individual christians, to start reclaiming, the  christmas money, which rightfully belongs to them, by selling real christ-christmas stuff, to their fellow Christians!

Among our many products, to be launched soon are Christ-Christmas Cards, Christ-Christmas Yard Signs,  Christ-Christmas Banners & more.

Please contact us, on this platform  or our website, to become a vendor, in your area.