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  • Nicole Jamison

Awaken Love is currently a small online Ministry geared towards singles of all ages. Nikki, and Luna, single themselves were spirit led to start this ministry when they struggled themselves to find a meaningful single community that teaches singleness is a gift from God, and for some being single is not a season, and just might be a life's calling. Awaken Love's goal is to uplift single Christians in their spiritual and personal lives with books, conferences, weekend retreats, online bible study groups, and videos.

Our Ministry's first book, 50 Questions Every Single Disciple Should Ask Themselves is an interactive devotional journaling book.

We are seeking financial help to bring this unique fun and much-needed book to everyone who needs it. We are working with West Bow Press for our editing, marketing, printing, and distribution needs.
We seek to be very transparent with all of our supporters, so below you will find the official full cost to bring the book to the public. Cameron, our West Bow consultant is also willing to speak to anyone who supports us or is discerning whether they should support our ministry on the phone to answer any questions you may have.

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