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The Team

  • Queen Igbineweka

 I'm not much of a writer  But I know God will help me to choose the right words

 I am16 years old  And I have the best mom in the world

 Despite any situations and painful things she has had to endure she still finds it in her to help other people.

 She has volunteer from ministries like   Hands and feet ministry, dream center and managing a motel in Lake Elsinore she was able to get a contract signed between elsinore Hot Springs motel and swag

 She created a homeless program there for families,Most of this was all volunteer

 I seen my mom  Getting donations for these programs mattresses socks clothing cash donations in her time

 She's never went back to them for help but I am axing the public to help my mom with a non invasive heart procedure  That will  Lengthen her life

 My mom is an adopted child so family is me and her in God.

 My mom has supported me been a single mom with my golf,  My mom's heart condition worsen after an incident at our house of carbon monoxide

 You came homeless and then cove it happened my mom's attention was mostly on shelter and not filing a claim

 Also you will find it in your heart to support my mom's procedure she needs I trust that God will see this through