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The Team

  • Kanchi Murali Krishna ( Aaron)

Through this online website of “Gospel connect” ( www.gospelconnect.org ) our mission field is expanding to reach people we might never reach in person. They need to know that Jesus Christ is the only One who gives us true purpose and fulfills our greatest need.

So we need volunteers, for volunteers we need to pay salarys and office employees to work and edit there videos.. who can step out and offer help in rural areas, only if they have little technical knowledge and camera to shoot a video, so that they can shoot and record video of the Sunday service for the people to hear and watch gospel in their local language, by recording the gospel sermon and helping the pastor to reach out to his church people and for many others who are hungry for the word of god.

 As the videos would be posted in our website and YouTube link will be shared and spread out so that many can see and watch together.

During this hour where worship places are locked down, let’s build a church of love and sharing in our families and extend it among our neighbors and communities.

Jesus sent His disciples out to reach people with the Gospel. We’re reaching out online to meet people where they are.

People from every denomination are connecting with “Gospel Connect” website around the clock. They experience the Gospel through the videos uploaded in different local languages.