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  • Jesus Christ Worldwide Ministries

Hi, my name is Evan, founder of Jesus Christ Worldwide Ministries.

GOD showed me before the pandemic that CHURCHES would be CLOSED and that LIBERTY is being crushed and that we needed to build an online ministry where the doors couldn't be closed and it would stay open 24/7. 

www.jesuschristworldwideministries.org was created to share JESUS CHRIST! in these END TIMES.

We have a dozen domains that answer the top searched questions about GOD and life and death. 


Our content is engaging and relevant. It is needed more than anything you find on Netflix, Amazon or Hulu. Content is being WIPED off the internet. People are being silenced for speaking their minds. People are being SILENCED for speaking about JESUS CHRIST. 

Other examples of our work: (all can be found on www.jesuschristworldwideministries.org)




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Funds are needed. We are already reaching the WORLD but funds are needed. We are just two guys. This is an incredibly effective gospel tool but we have not been blessed by anybody who believes in our work.

We need funding for more of our websites, a  stream, social media assistance, and a team to capture the content on the web that is being censored. 

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