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The Rapture Forums End Times Ministry is in need of computers and related equipment to continue to operate the global online ministry. We have been taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the world for 15 years now. We operate the Rapture Forums website and send out a weekly newsletter that is free of charge. We also have a Gospel tract ministry where we send out Gospel tracts to those who request them.


We are currently reaching around 200,000-300,000 unique visitors a month and have visitors from all over the world.  We currently have over 10,800 artices on our website free of charge covering a wide variety of topics concerning the rapture of the church, Bible prophecy, and the end times. 


We are currently in need of two computers, some computer accessories, and a desk. We have two computers that are 7 and 8 years old each. They are showing signs of needing to be replaced. We also need monitors as well. We would like for one of the computers to be a laptop. We are in need of premium computers for using Adobe Photoshop and other high performance computer software applications.


We believe in taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and helping share the blessed hope of the rapture of the church. With the way things are in the world, we can see the return of Jesus Christ for the church is right at the door!


Keep looking up!


God bless you!


Joseph C Weaver