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  • Mike Bennett

Our friend Mike Bennett has been living with his lovely wife Marcine near Valencia. Life always was hard especially through the times of Corona in 2020. They met 37 years ago and never were one day separated. Mike was just a young lad of 19 year when he fell in love with her and this has kept since that day. 

Two years ago Marcine has been diagnosed of cancer. All those month it was an up and down, an in and out of hospital. It made it difficult for Mike to concentrate on work while looking after his lovely wife. And Corona has made it impossible to put some Euros to the side. 

Today I've received a call for help of Mike. Marcine is back in hospital on her last journey. I'm setting up this fundraising here to help him to pay his rent, get some food and cover the massive costs which are facing him. There are hospital and funeral costs and he still has to eat in there sad days. Loosing a beloved partner after 37 years is so heart breaking. 

I'm asking for donations to help him as he is also in a high risk to loose his little flat and end on the streets. This shouldn't happen as we all have some Euros left to help Mike. Together we can get the donations running. 

Many thanks for your support. 

Pamela & Soren Warnstadt