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  • Candace Harris

Hello and blessings to everyone who takes the time out to read my campaign. First off I'd like to say I'd Never thought I'd be writing and asking for help. I'm not naive and I know that it can happen to anyone but I honestly didn't think a person that claimed to love me and my two children and whom I'm legally married to would have me in an abusive situation. im a stay at home mother and I currently lost my job due to not having dependable transportation because my husband controls everything from the way I dress, when I can call or see my family(most of them live 3 hrs away by car so don't get to see them maybe but twice a year if I'm lucky) the biggest thing is he controls the finances and rarely gives me much and when he does it's barely 20 bucks. I've tried reaching out to family for help but most don't want to get involved due to fear of retailation from my husband. I have a family member that has offered to take me and my kids in but the only thing is I can't go across state lines due to custody issues with my children's father. My current husband isn't the father of my children. He's the stepfather. My kids are ages 9 and 12 years old. Things have gotten so toxic and abusive that I've had to stop my daughter from contemplating suicide twice because when my husband is angry he names calls all of us or gets physical and my daughter wants me to get out of the situation but it's hard because I don't really have financial support and most of my family members are elderly and are on set incomes so they can't help out in that perspective. I've called a few local shelters near me but unfortunately 1 has a waiting list and the other  doesn't take children. Anything to get me out of this hell hole that I'm in will be greatly appreciated more than anyone of you may realized and I pray that God touches your heart . Your donation will definitely go to helping me secure transportation so I can get around and put in job applications and get back to work, a place for me and the kids that is safe away from my abuser so when it is safe to do so Leave the house and have something for a down payment so we aren't homeless or hungry  and to start a Divorce proceedings. Thank you very much. Any questions u may have please don't hesitate