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I need to repay a loan from a former friend, and I need to pay back what's left as soon as possible. The money came from a friend that presented himself as an understanding, caring man of Faith, one that wanted to help me out of strenuous situation.

We had a falling out a few weeks ago, and he is terminating the repayment plan, demanding I pay back what is remaining immediately. 

He knows I do not have these funds; he knows that I’ve been in a financial struggle since the passing of my parents a couple of years ago. This struggle is why I have not been able to rebuild my savings after depleting it for my parents’ funeral expenses. I’ve managed to take care of my daily needs but getting ahead has been a challenge since.

Before this fallout, after taking this loan from him, I had picked up a second, part-time job so I could pay back this loan quickly. I work a 9-5 job to cover my daily and monthly expenses, and with the addition of the part-time work, I have been able to payback close to $2,000 of the $8,500 loan in about two and a half months. I was adhering to the agreed plan as best as possible – I even gave up Saturday Church commitments so I could work this second job.

I have arrived at this point of asking for assistance because I feel trapped. He shows up at my places of work to harass me about the loan. He has begun to send me inappropriate links to promiscious websites suggesting I use those to make money -- actions which are against my beliefs. It is incredibly upsetting that he’s doing this - he knows this is against who I am. It is humiliating to have to describe this situation I am in. He’s told me that once I repay the loan, he will leave me alone.

I’m not sure how else to go about obtaining the remaining money other to ask for assist from individuals on this platform. I’m working as much as I possibly can, I am not buying groceries at this point, and I’ve tried selling everything of value I can. 

I am asking for kind-hearted, gracious individuals to help me raise $6,500 so I may be free from this individual. I am going to continue to work and keep my expenses as minimal as possible, but without donations it will take significant time. Paying him back means I will be free of the offensive links he is sending me. Paying back the loan quickly means I will be free to attend my Church events again, including the Saturday night Bible studies I would host for the other young women in my Church. I dearly miss my community and going through this ordeal has only strengthened my Faith and strengthened my conviction to our Lord. I’ve prayed every day since this man made his inappropriate advance for a resolution to this situation, for peace, and for financial freedom from this individual. I prayed for continued strength as well, because to be a young woman of Faith is not without its challenges in this modern era.

Donations received will go towards repaying this loan.

To those that contribute – I wish to give thanks in advance. Your blessing is ultimately allowing me to be rid of evil and allowing me to devote more time to my Church, once I no longer need to work a second job.