New Covenant Church Isolo Worship Center Renovation Project

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New Covenant Church (NCC) Isolo is a small community church of about 30 members. Located in the Okota area of Lagos, Nigeria an area populated with about 2m people. Our Vision is to reach out to as many people as possible in our community and bring them into the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 

The current worship center does not belong to the Church: It is a rather small place that has restricted our growth. Currently, the landlord has sold it to another party that will take over the property by May 2021. Consequently, we have between now ( March 2021 ) and May 2021 to move to a new location. But by the grace of God, we have located another potential accommodation within the area. It is an open hall that is, however, in desperate need of repairs before it can be turned into a suitable accommodation to host a church. To be able to rent and do all needed repairs, we need a minimum of $10,000.00

Our current revenue comes from offerings, tithes, and other donations from members. However, due to our number and the short time we have, it is not quite feasible for us to meet this financial requirement. To this end, we, therefore, solicit for the financial support and prayers of fellow believers. Your support will help us take a big step towards where God is leading us to. 

Your donations will help us to do the following:

  1. Pay the rent to allow us to take over the property
  2. Repair of the hall, including fixing the ceiling ( part of which is leaking) partition the hall to carve out children section, and level & tile the floors
  3. Put conveniences for male and female members ( there are none at the moment)
  4. Fix electrical wiring and lighting
  5. Paint the walls and fix the doors



NCC Isolo