Covid Relief Fund

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The Team

  • Munyanduki Tapiwa


Newness of Life

Greeting waygiver family,i bless the work of your hands and may God increase you in aspects of you life.

Covid has forced the economies of this world to shut and a great loss of jobs and income,and with so much needed to be done the unemployed with funds to recover from loss of income need your much needed help.The source is always God himself but he uses people like you in his own way to help the needy who call out him,and that call to you is for help to recover again,to start afresh with hope and newness of life.

we need to start again and recapitalize our small business and thrive again,even in the midst of hard lockdowns which have bail outs

Your prayers

yes even your prayers for us are most surely needed to strengthen that which has become weak and the scares left from hardship and pain,yes prayer is needed in such time for us to recover.

Your Blessings

we need to start to work again and provide for our families with a new lease of life and strenght,but we also need financial help to start this journey to productivity and such as we are here today to get the help we surely to to start afresh in our endeours of life.

We walk in faith that God who answears prayer will help us through you today and may God almighty bless you