Land for Church in India midst radical Community

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The Team

  • Bhuvana Chakra Kowluri

Dear friend in Christ Jesus,

The Power of Living God Ministries India was established and started taking gospel door to door when I was 19 years old. From then we're growing in number, church services and gatherings going on in rented places. It's been 11 years. We are paying huge rents and also continuing the gospel outreach programs, charity and other ministerial activities. Now as the Lord shown us the beautiful piece of land midst a non-Christian community and the owners really wanted to sell it to us, we are taking a brave step beyond our financial abilities as we believe that the Lord helps us to own this land and build a shelter for our church gatherings through His faithful people like you. We are outgrown our little space however, even this helps us to escape from monthly rents and allows us to do much more effective and efficient outreach programs. Hopefully and prayerfully I'm pastor Bhuvana Chakra Joseph requesting you to join us to do this together for the kingdom work here in India. Together we can own this piece of land and build a beautiful building for church to gather and worship the Lord and listen to Him.

This will be a space for all members to enjoy and with your generous support, we can ensure that it becomes a reality.

With your support, we can pay the remaining amountof 10000$ as we already paid token amount and had an agreement with the owners to remain the land unsold for one month. Would you consider contributing your sacrificial donation help us?

Your contributions can help The Power of Living God Ministries reach our minimum goal of 10000 USD.

On behalf of your church community at The Church of Living God, I would like to thank you for your support. Your contribution will help us to own this piece of land for church gatherings and help us to stop paying huge rents and also continuing the gospel outreach programs all over India.



Pastor Bhuvana Chakra Kowluri,
The Power of Living God Ministries India