Buying new digital piano to worship the Lord Jesus Christ

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  • Krzysztof

Dear brothers and sisters,

To be honest with you I’m gathering money because I want to play worship piano music.

My keyboard has been damaged. So, I cannot play. There were plans to record more songs in better quality. I just need new keyboard and some technical equipment (software, video camera, etc.). 

I’m not professionalism. I’ve never graduated any musician school. I don’t know any note, only few chords. Every songs have been playing me by ears.

Nowadays I’ve been writing my first Christian Book “The price for victory” where I want to share my personal testimony. 


So, I just need some money to worship. Playing worship music is a part of my live, part of my praying live.

Thank You in advance for every help.

If I gather money, I will buy new keyboard. I think about Kawai Es 920 digital piano

If I buy it, I will send you the invoice and picture of my new keyboard       

If you had some old keyboard instrument and want to give me IT WOULD BE ALSO GREAT.

I can pay for delivery to POLAND where I live.



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