Blessing Sean "PawPaw" Franklin

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  • Melody Lynn Casserly

My dad/Sean/PawPaw was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer that had spread to his stomach creating a huge blockage. Yesterday, Tuesday, August 24th, he underwent surgery to remove a softball sized tumor, part of his colon, a third of his stomach, & to reconstruct that area. Pathology isn't back yet but when it comes in next week that will define whether he will need chemotherapy or radiation moving forward. We are in Fargo for minimum of a week as they keep a close eye on any complications that could arise. Recovery after release will be a minimum of six weeks. During that time, he is not able to return to work. His job has been supportive during his time off for all previous painfilled days as well as for appointments. However, he does not have any FML, PTO, or short term disability available & is concerned with living expenses & medical expenses beyond insurance coverage. We are hoping to lighten his burden & worry so that he can solely focus on healing. His grandkids think their PawPaw hung the moon & they can't wait to have him healthier again.

Our family would appreciate any financial help placed on your heart, prayer for wisdom, strength, patience, & healing, as well as peace beyond human understanding regardless of what lays ahead during this chapter of his life. 


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