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  • Corilynne L Smith

August 30, 2021 will mark my tenth 'annual' Birthday Fundraising efforts! For the past ten years, I've used my birthday to raise awareness, goods, and services for a wide range of worthy causes and organizations.

For those who don't know, five years ago I embarked on a journey, in hopes to create a professional path for me as a self-made entreprenuer. I carefully created, owned, and operated an on-line women's clothing boutique. Each year, my business grew, flourishing in connections, relationships, and opportunities. My small business gifted me the opportunity to have my handmade goods sold in shopping malls in two different states; I had the privelege of sponsoring local, state, and national pageant titleholders; and despite how "small" I was, I sponsored local schools, youth programs, and more. At the time, my dream (or so I thought) was to bring this business to life by having a brick and mortar store. Despite my growing success and the beautiful blessings that came from this endeavor, I learned this wasn't God's plan for me...

Why am I sharing this story with you? Because self-ambition, recognition, an wordly "success" didn't fulfill me. I [thought] I needed an identity outside of being a wife, mother, daughter, and friend. I convinced myself that a professional career was necessary to "succeed" in this world. Yet, thankfully and miraculously, God reminded me of what and who was important. Therefore, with God's guidance and assusrance, I made an uncommon and unpopular decision to STOP my business. Without doubt, there is no regret, only gratitude. Obedience is a beautiful thing. I firmly believe I was put on this eart to serve.

My deepest honor is being Travis' wife.

My greatest work is raising my three precious boys.

My passion is people; My purpose is to love and serve.

With that being said, in exchange of gifts, I'm asking for those who feel called (not forced, pressured, or obligated) to donate money towards my efforts in assisting our local ABC (Athol, Bayview, Careywood) Food Bank.  Our food bank receives no state funding. They only receive food assistance from the USDA, a handful of local agencies/businesses, and generous individuals. Outside of food, there is a LARGE need for toiletrie items, laundry detergent, gas cards, wood, and more! Your donation would allow me to purchase these items for those in need. Our local food bank is short on volunteers, and there is little supply (if any) of these items requested. Charlotte Hooper, the incredible woman who runs our local food bank, expressed her concerns about this upcoming Fall Season ahead and the incomparable harships she expects unlike any other time.  

Trust and transparency is my number priority. Understandably, if you are not comfortable making a monetary donation, I will accept checks written out to the food bank, any new/unopened toiletrie items, prepaid cas cards, wood blocks, and more! Due to a shortage of volunteers, your contribution would allow me to shop for these items, deliver them, and get them into the hands of those who need it. 

*** A tax id. number is available for a tax write off ***

Wholeheartedly, I appreciate your consideration and/or contribution. Please know, no contribution is too small! $5 will allow me to purchase 5 bottles of shampoo/conditioner or 2 bottles of laundry detergent or 5 toothbrushes or 3 tubes of toothpaste! 

It is a gift to be alive. 

I am grateful for 40 years.

I strive to be His hands and feet. 

I hope my efforts bring light to this world. 

I thank you, I appreciate you, I adore you, I love you.


Lori A Yarbrough