Developping an Online Interpreter Community

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The Team

  • Angelika Senn

Target: Developpement and training of an interpreter community for IAHM (International Association of Healing Ministries).

IAHM's online events aim to preach the Gospel and pray for healing.

The Network of Christian Interpreters and Translators (NCIT) manages diverse interpreting and translation projects in the Christian arena, such as the simultaneous interpreting of online events for the International Association of Healing Ministries (IAHM) from English into nine languages. These events are held online each month from September to June, plus a four-day conference in May, and are broadcast on YouTube. The interpreted broadcasts have generated together more than 20,000 views overall during the last season.

The raised money aims to cover the time investment for the project management, community management, creation of online interpreter training classes, personal interpreter coaching, etc.