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Let's help Nasa get back to his family in Iran.

Nasa Zain (Mohsen) has been living in Nepal for the last several years where he worked in the tourist sector guiding tourists in the country. With the pandemics starting last year he saw himself out of job and perspectives as all foreigners who used to live and work in the country.

One year after the beginning of the pandemics, being clear that he would not be able to resume his economic activities in Nepal, his family made loans in Iran and sent to him with which he could pay a layer and the necessary legal fees to clear his legal duties in the country and return to Iran. A lawyer was hired but for his greater misfortune this lawyer was not a honest person and Nasa saw all his money lost.

Nasa is now late on his due visa fees for more than a year. And the government of Nepal, while being rather kind on the duties and extensions for the few tourist still present in the country has not been showing the same kindness towards those late in their payments. And besides been charged extra fees and penalties for the delay on his payments he now fear for the risk of imprisonment for having stayed illegally in the country. The same country where he has for many years worked and generated revenues.

We need to help  Nasa clearing his legal financial duties in Nepal and returning to his home in Iran. He has not seen his family for more than two years now. In this last year his sister passed away, and his mother has been undertaking treatments for cancer. Both his parents are elderly now and longing to see their son safe and back home.

We count on you to help this good hearted person find his way back to his family.   


About Strained overseas:

If you have ever been at great risk before, you may have learned that there are moments that a helping hand becomes more than needed to get us up and walking again.

With the ongoing pandemics, many people who would otherwise be living their normal and productive lives have come to see themselves in great need and at great risk. Productive and working people do not usually know how to ask and say  "Help me, I am in need", and thats why we are creating the initiative Strained Overseas.

Right now an increasing number of people of different nationalities are on the verge of a complete break down as they see themselves each day in greater difficulties while they struggle to manage their finances to find their way back home without success. 

Why should we help?

  • By joining efforts no one will be asked any great effort. With a small action from each one we can make a big difference. We cannot help all but we can always help some few that knock at our doors.
  • Only by stepping forward and doing our part to alleviate the pains of those we can, may we also have hope that regardless all the dangers and risks of life, there is understanding and solidarity in the world and if one day it is me, or some one I love, there will be solidarity around to help as well.
  • Not all individuals in the world are equally enabled by life, and not all time in our personal histories are equally resourceful in opportunities. Remember, regardless of our personal beliefs when someone asks us for help, it is because this person is in need of help indeed.


And how can you help?

  • First, surely, help us spreading the word and forward the link for this page.
  • If you know someone in your community who is in the situation described above: being away from home and in need of financial help to return to their families, and you would like to help this person but don't know how: share it with us and help us crowdfunding to alleviate his, her or their situation as well.
  • And, most important, consider a financial contribution that may be comfortable and reassuring to you. It doesn't matter how little you maybe able or willing to help, it will make a difference.

All proceedings of the ongoing campaigns will be redirected to people strained away from their homes in need of support to return to their families and friends.   

We count on you and on your help as well!