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  • Stephan Vinente

Last year our organization Faith Fueled Aid helped feed and provide essentials for over 8,000 Burmese refugees in Thailand.  We have continued to support local communities with food and aid for jobless migrants.  Due to the extended devastation of Covid-19 on businesses worldwide, there are now 100,000’s of thousands of unemployed and some homeless refugees and migrants in need of assistance. 

Many of these children of our lord cannot return to Myanmar because of the current political and social unrest due to the Military Coup earlier this year. Myanmar has been in turmoil since the coup with protests continuing daily, skirmishes in border regions and widespread strikes that have severely damaged the economy. The country is also battling a major surge in coronavirus cases.  Public services such as hospitals are nearly non-existent and financial systems are barely functioning.

Through our organization we spread the good word of our lord with weekly sermons and Sunday Church services for any and all of these kind souls. It’s so valuable helping people strengthen their relationship with God and each other.

We are now trying to raise some more funds to continue our wonderful venture in giving our brothers and sisters much needed food and assistance.  Just $2 per day can feed a family and bring much joy to their lives.  Any donation can make a difference in these peoples lives and happiness, we pray everyday

God Bless