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  • Joshua miller

Hi everyone! I never in a million years thought I would be on here in the prime of my life experiencing such a horrific disease.  I'm fundraising for better treatment for Onchocerciasis also know as River Blindness. I had a terrible experience staying at a motel in Los Angeles I got infected by a parasite that can cause loss of site,morbidly, and mortality. It's treatments are very few and it really never goes away it can be treated once every 6 months but no cure. I'm trying to get into a better housing situation because any other infection could be fatal. I don't have family my parents passed away when I was 18 and all I have is my wonderful fiance Lynn. She is having a tough time dealing with me and my situation but she is stood by me through it all. I love her without her I would have already given up. Please help me out in this time of need I would greatly appreciate it and you will certainly be blessed. Love you all thank you for your time.