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  • Kenneth Gordon

Hello all,
Thank you for visiting our fundraiser page!
We are a small game development company looking to share the Gospel within the video game industry. Our game, True Calling, will transport players to the 1st Century Middle East - in an alternate dimension.
Here, they will face giant creatures and monstrosities while meeting (and carrying out quests with) the apostles and members of the early church.
The goal is to provide a story driven campaign with scripture which can be educational and fun to play for all beliefs. There will be an in game alignment scale depending on the choices your character makes Good < Neutral > Evil. In the "Good" alignment story arc, a player is shown to a real world ministry where, if they choose to, they can learn more about faith, join a loving church community, and come to Salvation through Jesus Christ.
We really appreciate any donations and prayers you can offer as it will greatly help us reach more with The Message!
This is our True Calling - what's yours?


Jennifer K Chandler