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The Team

  • Tim Davis

My name is Timothy Davis. I am a husband, a father to 3 teenage boys, a composer, a media producer, and most importantly, I am a bondservant of Jesus Christ. I am looking to raise funds for the equipment and services needed to create media content for today's teenagers and young adults. This idea came to me after the Lord set me free from hardcore drug addiction almost 10 years ago. I call them "trailer tracts" because the media content will be short and to the point like a movie trailer, yet tailored for the unique challenges that the youth of today are faced with. I know the fundraising amount may seem like a lot, but music and video equipment, plus having to use stock video footage, is not cheap even for entry-level gear. I would also like to use some of the funds to hire people to create custom works like computer animations or effects. Please pray about it with me and follow any promptings from the Holy Spirit. I am currently doing this solo and paying out of pocket, but I can't afford to do this and really feel this would be a useful way to minister to today's youth. The link I am providing is a preview of one that I did to illustrate this concept.
Trailer Tract Concept 1