Worship Nights Germany

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The Team

  • Yustinus Hendrata

Our Vision:

- to reach people through Worships. I believe that there is Present Of God in Worship that can draw people to him. I saw by my self that so many People gave their lives to Jesus in Our Worship Nights.

- to encourage believer through Worship. In HIS Present there is power and joy for everybody.


Our Mission:

- Manage Worship Nights in Germany and Europe.

- Working Together with Christian Band to support their concerts and tours

- Working together with Churches and encourage them throught our Worship Nights.


Our Actions.

We have arranged since 2005 some Worship Nights in Munich and Berlin.

This Ministry is not commercial. We sell tickets with ery low price to cover the cost. In fact we have always in minus. These year we need 20.000 USD to cover our minus.

Where you can find us?

- Website. Partly is still in German. https://jesus-gemeinde.wixsite.com/meinewebsite

- Instagram: hube_events.