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  • Hazel

Hi, my name is Hazel. I am raising funds to help Redeem Baptist Mission,a small christian outreach ministry in the southern part of the Philippines for their church building project. They need financial assistance to pay off the property lot and eventually start the construction.

This church is compose of 30 goers and members combined with mostly students and young professionals. Their monthly income does not suffice the rental needs for which the church is currently disposed. The rental conditions are also very uncertain that gives so much stress to the ministry. 

In addition, their church pastor only receives P1,300 each month (that's merely $25) depending on the church offering. He has two little boys both suffering from bone-related medical conditions. The eldest is wearing spine braces due to advanced scoliosis. The youngest,diagnosed with bone cancer and just recently had upper limb amputation due to cancer spread. Recently, he is advised to undergo chemotherapy for possible brain metastasis.

Inspite of these physical disabilities, this church continues to serve our King and Saviour Jesus Christ. The money you give them will massively help their church building project.

Please help and share to our least bretheren. God will bless you more than what you give.

Thank you so much.


Hazel Hope

Christian Church Mission Supporter