Unexpected loss of Vietnam Vet Memorial & Expenses

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  • Brandon Bernier

Bertrand, a Vietnam Vet, and devotee to God and Faith, lost his life unexpectedly, after being admintered a known drug he was allergic to in the hospital, after a very small slip and fall, as a result of reaction, Bertrand was ventilated for 17 days, until he succumbed.

The sad news has been a shock to everyone that knew him, much more to his son known as his best friend, who could not see him as he passed. His son has suffered major ongoing and traumatic issues as a result of the unexpected loss, as Bert, his son and his sons wife all lived together, although the matter is currently being litigated and making the motions through the court process, the family is told it will inevitably be years before a settlement is reached.

Due to the horrific circumstances of the issue, Bertrands son and his wife of 22 years, have divorced due to the mental toll on the family and crisis that it endured, leaving  Bertrands son, to lose everything, including the house, car, his business, and having to sell everything that was precious to both of him to simply survive, and of course the mental toll of divorce and packing up and selling everything on a house that once was called home, with no where to turn. Bertrands son is now living with relatives without an address to call home.

This unexpected and tragic event is not something that anyone was prepared for so this fund is to contribute towards his son's out of pocket expenses that have topped over $25000, for extended bills cremation etc as well as regaining some stability. 

There is absolutely no obligation for anyone to donate, but I am confident that Brandon has more than enough people that would like the opportunity to ensure he is looked after properly like he  has looked after so many of us over the years. 

All funds raised will be passed on to Brandon and his family to help with the out of pocket expenses and regain stability.



“But who am I, and who are my people, that we should be able to give as generously as this? Everything comes from you, and we have given you only what comes from your hand.