Blessage Bundles

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  • Pamela Parker

Blessage Bundles are bundles of blessings of personal, home and emergency needs with a message of hope, faith, love, spirit, encouragement, peace and more. Proverbs 19:17 When a family or person has experienced a loss by fire, flood, tornado, any natural or unnatural loss that is what Blessage Bundles are for. With Blessage Bundle baskets of personal goods, home goods, food and any items needed to be replaced. For Blessage Bundles, we are looking to purchase a utility cargo concession trailer for workshop, office and distribution. As well as additional inventory goods, materials, supplies to assemble more Blessage Bundle baskets with a website. The Blessage Bundles website will be a home online store, a place to go when a flood, fire etc. happens that family or friends can have a Blessage Bundle sent to start the renewal process with the messages of hope, faith, peace and all needed at that time. Blessage Bundles are also and especially for times of celebration of a birthday, engagement, anniversary, birth of a child, graduations and all of life's celebrations. Thank you for contributing to Blessage Bundles for these times.