Actress seeks mental health funding

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  • Maia Kavchak

Hey guys!

I am really struggling with my mental health right now. I just graduated from my dream acting school, but due to my aggressively aggressive studies (Lol) my mental health has gotten really bad. I didn’t take care of myself when I was at school and I pushed myself way too hard mentally. I’m dealing with the repercussions of that right now. This entire experience has led me back to my Catholic roots, because right now all I can do is pray. And I know this sounds so campy but because of my brokenness, Jesus had a way in. And I finally feel like I’m coming home. I’ve been hanging out with priest named Father Bryan because (well he is sort of like a free therapist) and honestly I haven’t really known what else to do with myself. My time with him has been so incredibly enlightening, and he actually has a background in psychology so he’s provided me with so many moments of grace I didn’t think were possible during this time. I also recommend if you have the time to just sit down and chat with a priest, you never know what you might discover. During my time with father Bryan he let me know that ambition can actually be a sin. And right now, trying to put my mental state back together after working so hard, I really see the truth in that. Who would have known?! I really feel like the world is not set up correctly. Unfortunately, I can’t work right now because I am so out of it, but any help is appreciated so much. I am really stuck financially right now and feel like I am in a straight jacket. The main thing is that I need to get into my psychiatrists office so I can get my medications refilled. I am also trying to stay along my Christian values when it comes to my healing and I found a really cool therapist that uses the foundations of Christianity as a lense to counsel through. I’ve been trying to reach out to churches to see if they would be willing to help out with some of my treatment but so far I’ve had no luck. This money would help me get up to date at my psychiatrists and would help me get into an intake interview at the Christian counseling center. They are called Paraclete Counseling and I have an interview with them tomorrow. I haven’t gone in yet, but I can’t believe Christian therapists exist and it feels like such a treat and blanket of security that they counsel through Christianity. And I feel like I am going to be able to learn about Christianity even more now, which is seriously a treat to me. It’s so freaking cool and powerful. Do you know that some of the saints bodies have not decomposed after they died? I mean come on how trippy is that?! I truly mean this to all who are reading, Jesus loves you and if he could find a way into my heart he can find a way into yours. I sound so campy, but it’s the truth! Anyways I thank you so much to whoever is reading this and any kind of financial help would change my life. It’s really hard to struggle with mental health and finances. In fact it’s feeling pretty much impossible right now. I’m just going to keep praying and I very graciously ask that you say a prayer for me as well. Seriously, pray for me. Lol.

I love you all and God Bless.