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  • Robin Bezanson

Our dear Dora found a lump in her breast this last fall. She made an appointment to get it checked. 

Early December, the doctor did an ultrasound and said the lump was the size of a peach and she'd need to come back for more tests in a week.  This doctor (now retired) postponed her appointment by an additional week for reasons unknown. 

Finally at the late December appointment, they set up a biopsy for January 12!  YES a month after the initial finding.  This was incredibly frustrating, but Dora waited and had the biopsy on January 12.  They found that not only was the tumor malignant and she had cancer, but there appeared to be two other tumors as well. The largest tumor had grown significantly since the initial visit and there was evidence it was in her lymph nodes. 

Instead of immediately beginning chemo or going to surgery they chose to run Dora through multiple tests.  Last test performed this week (week of February 7) was a PET Scan, the foremost tool used to determine if the cancer has spread.  They reported back on February 11 that the tumor had grown from 8cm to 12cm and they were finding cancer in her gallbladder and lung. 

And what was the doctors response?  They won't start chemo or any other treatment right now because they "can't treat the whole body".   Does this sound right to YOU?

These doctors wasted precious time to do the necessary things to help Dora.

We are incredibly upset!

Dora wants to get a second or even third opinion. In order to do so she will need to pay for these visits out of pocket as her insurance will not cover these visits.  

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If you have any questions, recommendations on doctors or clinics to pursue, please reach out to ME directly (contact info below) as I am leading #TeamDora.