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Good day Brethren in Christ

I am greatful for this platform.
Hereby i place a request for
your graceful succour in providing me a chance to recover
from being homeless nearing 7 years.

To give some background;
Ive been home challenged since 2015

with sometimes the luck to find temporary accomodation
away from the streets in between.

The longest homeless period started in greece where i lived on the stree of Athens for 1 year.
conditions where absolutely hell like to say the
least, while sleeping in parks, benches, anywhere i could possibly find
some peace, i had gotten a scaby infection (those are bugs
that enter under your skin and eat you up alive) it drove me
near completely insane countless times. i only survived
this year by the most High grace. which ended the torture
in December 2016 with the drug ivermectin that killed the bugs.

in between 2017 and 2019 i had many very rough
challenges while traveling often living in the worst of
circumstances. for a while in 2018 | had a little roofed
place however it was ridden with black mold and i got
severely ill after that, many diseases started in that period
which i still haven't recovered from as | write this feb 28

In early 2020 i had a tent and camped in France, it broke
shortly after and after that | slept in caves, abandoned
houses under bridges, trees etc.. for a while sleeping
under a pine tree with barely anything was my home for a while in the Pyrenees

i could barely sleep in the freezing nights, reason | survived
is because there was a little hotspring nearby to warm up
in and wild rosehips for nutrition.

however it became too cold there and ended up in Lisbon,
there i had the toughest winter yet, first | couldn't find a
place and slept any and everywhere it was a little windfree.
usually forced to walk the entire nights to keep death from
hypothermia away. eventually | found a cardboard
fridgebox and a sort of large window pane near a
abandoned shop to put. this i filled with any isolation
material | could find and in there somehow managed to
survive winter. food i got from supermarket trash
containers. ofcourse i did anything i could to get out the situation including contacting all the churches, i could possibly find however it was to no avail. there were zero homeless shelters available in the country.

after that i found work on Portugese farms in the summer.
it was in the most harsch
and in exchange for a bed, barely any food. some wouldn't give food at
all. so i basically just worked for a bed and ate anything i found in the area. usually wild orange and figs.

then in October 2021 i found a 12 tribes community, this is
a Christ worship based community, i was greatly overjoyed
at first it felt like family, however the work was for
immensely long hours 6 days a week, they assigned me to
work in their industrial bread factory, my condition was
already greatly weakened from being homeless so many years
without a chance to recover, and after a month there i
couldn't function anymore hence had to leave the highly pressured environment.

then found another farm,
cutting wood all day, they said i could stay the winter however he suddenly told me to leave in the
middle of winter. the owner clearly had less then benevolent
influences hence i prayed for them and left.

i ended on the streets of Madrid in December. this was
another harsch period because temperatures where below
zero and i didn't have the luxury of a cardboard box like last
winter in Lisbon. by Gods grace i found a homeless
shelter there that had temporary accomodation.

while being there sleeping with 200 other homeless people
in a large dormitory | got very ill. it was the strongest
illness yet. high fever headaches and completely lost all
sense of taste or smell which is still mostly gone today.

The conditions weren't good there, could barely breath at
night, the dormitory had no open windows, i had to leave
this shelter for even sleeping in the fresh cold outside was
preferable to that environment.

God guided me to a forest where i found a hole in the
ground and made a shelter with plastic tarp, ive been there
for the last 5 weeks. at night i stay warm by making a fire
if weather allows, and surrounding myself with hot rocks to survive the often freezing nights.

to be honest i don't need much, just a few little prayers that
i may have a break from being in survival mode for almost
a decade and start the recovery.

the funding goal would allow me to atleast rent
accommodation for hopefully long enough to recover
sufficiently to be in a state where i can be a workforce
again. and to finally receive medical assistance.

after 1.5 years i have recently raised the
gofundme goal from 3k to 12k, this is because 3k simply wouldn't
allow me a sufficiently solid chance at recovery nor to rent a
place for long enough to truly recover the body from 7
years of abuse, (actually the abuse started in 2003 hence it is over 19 years now that i didn't have the resources to properly take care of basic requirements)
i calculated 12k would
allow for all the providence required for a full recovery.

Great gratitude for anyone who took precious time to
read about my life. May the most high Grace Always
Accompany you !

for more information and images /videos see the following gofundme which has been active for 1.5 years:

Update #1

Dear breathren,  since being reborn in Christ the challenges are still severe.  the last years i struggled enormously to aquire sufficient food and potable water to stay alive.  at the moment the situation is still dire. vitality is not improving and my hope is dwindling.  know that any support no matter how small has a big impact.   please remember i see this fundraiser as a loan and intend to pay back all of you angels who donated.    and if fornsome reason cannot i am praying the Creator may return your grace a manyfold


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Anonymous WayGiver