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  • Past Time Farms

Past Time Farms Ministerial Association was established as an unincorporated private membership association to promote real, fresh food, responsibly.  We disconnected our farm activities from the continuous tighening grip of an overreached, out of control government rich in regulatory constraints.  These requirements simply conflicted with our faith based principles.

We believe educating others on the biblical principles of liberty and freedom that established the Constitution of the United States through various educational programs.  These programs are designed to reignite a spark of the individual spirit in defending and asserting constitutional rights in all aspects of life.  For Past Time Farms, the right of food choice and the right of property ownership sparked our spirit!  

This is an annual fundraiser. 

Funds will go toward monthly zoom subscription to conduct various live classes and guest speakers on topics such as:

  • Biblicial Citizenship In Modern America 
  • Constitution Alive - 6 week and 10 week courses
  • Growing and raising real nutrient dense food as GOD intended
  • The Power of the Private Membership Association (PMA) for churches farmers and businesses

Funds will also be used to build/repair mobile infrastructure for poultry, livestock and honeybees on our regnerative farm for onsite demonstration and tours. These demonstration and tours are conducted to educate local residents of our community about soil fertility and Back to Eden garden technics for real, fresh food, responsibily!

Our Value Statement: To honor GOD and the whole of His creation.

Our Mission Statement: To grow healthy, nutrient dense food and build healthy soil in keeping with the Creator's design. Serve our customers with Christ Like integrity.

For more information about us, this fundraiser and the educational programs mentioned email

Past Time Farms is an Unincorporated Private Membership Association 508(c)(1)(a).  By donating to our fundraiser you acknowledge we are a Faith Based Ministerial Association.


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