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  • Jane Alison

I have given my adult life to service of others – both in nursing, and in creating products that help people.  I am a very private person and it has been extremely difficult for me to ask for help. I realize now, I can’t do this alone. But I don't have the resources on my own (social media etc). And so, I am reaching out to the world for help. I need a miracle.  For medical reasons  (dialysis for renal failure, as well as a rare form of vasculitis requiring chemotherapy and high dose steroids), and for the best chance of survival I need help. Every donation is one step closer to a small plot of land for a trailer.

BTW I've tried to upload a picture but still haven't figured out how!

Update #1

I didn't think this would work... for those not on social media, there is no where to go for help. And even if I created a profile it would be so new people would think it was fake. So thanks anyway. I don't know what's left to do anymore. :(