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Hi There,my name is Tess from Kenya.I am a born again radio personality and have been serving the Lord on air for the past 10 years.My husband is a pastor, a worship leader,a T.V and a radio presenter as well.

One of the  challenges we keep facing in the media is that most Christian programs in Kenya are only in the Christian Media Houses.We believe that the gospel needs to be broadcasted not only in the Christian Media but secular media as well.

The Lord opened a big opportunity for me in one of the biggest leading secular media in Kenya.Mostly,secular media do not allow gospel shows on air.However this opportunity is truly of God since the Lord favored me with a muslim boss who  gave me an opportunity to host a gospel show on Nation F.M,which is a national radio with national coverage and one of the top secular stations in Kenya.

I have been hosting the Sunday morning show (PRAISE BREAK) for the past one year.However,for the show to continue to air,there is need for partners/sponsors to cater for the radio airtime.Praise Break ministers to unbelievers who are the main audience for  the station.

I believe that God will provide so that the gospel will be broadcasted in secular stations and Jesus will be known through this radio program.